1. When/where will ESPR be held?
    ESPR has been held in London, England, and St. Andrews, Scotland. The program's 2019 location will be determined in the coming months.

  2. Who is eligible to apply?
    We are looking for students between the ages of 16 and 19 by August 2019. If you are in a special position, send us an email at staff(at), and we may be able to figure something out. 

  3. What sort of students are you looking for?
    At ESPR, we're all about better thinking and how that translates into better doing. We welcome students curious about decision-making and modeling the world. If you're passionate about mathematics, logic, cognitive psychology, philosophy, economics, or history, we'll probably love to have you! 

  4. What is the cost to attend?
    Due to a generous grant from the Open Philanthropy Project, ESPR is able to offer tuition, meals, and lodging all for free. There are also need-based scholarships for transportation that are available.

  5. What’s your connection with SPARC and CFAR?
    ESPR is modeled off SPARC, and the program coordinators know each other. Some of the staff teach at both camps, and they're thematically similar. We think they're super cool! If you find ESPR exciting, you'll likely also be a good fit for SPARC.

  6. What sort of classes will be covered?
    Though we won't know for certain what this year's curriculum will look like, here is a snapshot of some sample classes we've had over the years:
    - Proofs and Haskell
    - Cryptography
    - Assertive Communication
    - Trigger Action Patterns
    - Prisoner's Dilemmas and Löb's Theorem
    - Reasoning Under Uncertainty
    - Deep Learning