Mihaly Barasz 

Mihaly was a software engineer at Google and a former perfect scorer on the International Mathematical Olympiad. He holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics from Eotvos University, Hungary.

Mihaly is interested in functional languages, formal proof systems, and rock climbing. He aims to become a full-time AI alignment researcher.


Anna Salamon 

Anna has previously done machine learning research for NASA and applied mathematics research on the statistics of phage metagenomics. She holds a degree in mathematics from UC Santa Barbara. She is the President and co-founder of the Centre for Applied Rationality (CFAR).


Yan Zhang
Instructor / Consultant

Yan became an assistant professor in mathematics (specializing in combinatorics) at San Jose State University after receiving his PhD from MIT. He wants to help people become more awesome, at ESPR or elsewhere.

He has mentored students at the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (where he represented the U.S. at the International Math Olympiad with a silver medal), RSI, SPARC, and MIT-PRIMES. He received the Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award from his postdoctoral position at UC Berkeley. His website can be found at


Timothy Chu

Timothy is a graduate from MIT in mathematics, and a current PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on theoretical computer science and theoretical neuroscience.

Timothy spent a year working on Google search, and has spent some time looking into the startup scene in foreign countries. He is a former alternate for the International Math Olympiad Team from the U.S., and has worked with the International Math Olympiad teams in the USA and Ghana.


Elizabeth Garret

Elizabeth is an aspiring dicentenarian, former unschooler, and the current chief of the largest house of Effective Altruists and Rationalists in the world. She’s worked as a preschool teacher in Spain, market researcher for a biotech startup, and coworking community manager. She developed an interdisciplinary degree at the University of Virginia on the subject of Human Sexuality. She currently works at the Center for Applied Rationality.

Kadri Reis

Kadri holds a PhD in Biomedicine from the Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona. She is interested in scientific programming and cognitive science.

Kadri tries to understand the human brain and how to make the best use of it. One such psychology experiment on herself led her to a new hobby - stand-up comedy.

Damon Max Pourtahmaseb-Sasi

By day, Damon is a Family Therapist helping the youth of South Florida. By night, he writes rationalist fiction and cohosts a podcast named Rationally Writing, where he's better known as Daystar Eld.  He seeks to raise the sanity waterline through entertaining stories that teach all the skills he's learned from both his work and the rational community.


Jaime Sevilla
Instructor / Co-director / COO

Jaime is a student of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He leads a college-level math educational initiative called Dedekind's Army. He has also run several workshops, conferences and activities related to Artificial Intelligence, math and rationality.

Jaime placed top 10 in the 2016 Iberoamerican College Math Olympiad and has also won several hackathons and programming contests.


Luke Raskopf

Luke graduated from Duke University with a degree in Political Science and a love of learning. He has worked as an economic policy researcher, a summer teaching assistant and a language instructor in both English and Spanish. His love of teaching and the Spanish language lead him to Spain on a Fulbright grant, where he spent 9 months working with students in a bilingual high school.

Many of Luke's interests lie at the intersection of cognitive psychology and education. He is excited by efforts to cultivate an atmosphere of openness, acceptance and play, both at work and at home. Most recently, Luke has begun to explore the use of mindfulness techniques and improv comedy skills as tools for tapping potential and deepening comprehension. He tries to employ these practices in the ever-important project of not taking oneself too seriously.


Vlad Firoiu

Vlad did his Masters at MIT in Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Bayesian methods before switching to neural networks. He now works at DeepMind on deep reinforcement learning.

Vlad studied math, physics and theoretical computer science in college, and took part in the USAMO and Putnam.

Vlad plays video games, board games, and racket sports. He enjoys fantasy novels, fan-fiction, and political commentary.

Alex Zhu

Cofounder of AlphaSheets, MIT dropout, former USA Math Olympiad winner. Currently splits his time between AlphaSheets and thinking about AI risk. 


Victoria Krakovna
Technical Advisor

Victoria is a research scientist at DeepMind working on AI safety. She did her PhD in statistics and machine learning at Harvard on building interpretable models, and undergrad at the University of Toronto in math and statistics. She co-founded the Future of Life Institute, and served as President of the Harvard Toastmasters club.

Viktoriya gained numerous distinctions for her accomplishments in math competitions, including a silver medal at the International Math Olympiad and the Elizabeth Lowell Putnam prize.

Duncan Sabien
Curriculum Advisor

Duncan is a writer, filmmaker, and educator, whose previous work included developing and teaching a special projects class for building rationality and agency in middle schoolers. He now works for CFAR as Curriculum Director & Product Head.