Owen Shen
Design Volunteer

Owen is an ESPR alumnus interested in motivation, habits, and self-improvement. Owen has previously volunteered for Students for High-Impact Charity and EA Global, and does graphic design for ESPR. He writes on rationality at mindlevelup.



Haardik is a computer programmer and entrepreneur. He started software development at the age of 9 and launched his first company at the age of 13. He has also won several hackathons and programming contests. 

He also loves to eat and write, sometimes at the same time.


Julian D'Costa 

Julian currently studies math at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He likes to ask questions. If you leave him unattended, he will read anything he gets his hands on, down to fish-wrap newspaper.


Kada Williams

Kada has a long history of procrastinating by solving math problems. Thanks to this, he now has shiny medals, a vast repository of mathematical knowledge and a well-oiled problem-solving ability. He is currently most interested in psychology due to its fundamental importance, and is often seen philosophising. Talk to him about any stackable idea or theory, and he'll be hooked.


Carmen Hernández Piris

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Rajashree dropped out of high school to try and understand the world. She cares a lot about future people, and learning.





Noshaba is a Computer Science and Visual Computing student at the International Max-Planck Research School for Computer Science in Saarbrücken, Germany. She has worked with the University of Bremen and MIT in the field of peripheral vision and image synthesis using neural networks. Currently, she is working with the German Center for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken on motion synthesis for training autonomous cars.