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What is ESPR?

The European Summer Program on Rationality (ESPR) is an immersive summer workshop for mathematically talented students from around the globe with a desire to understand our world. 

We're looking for participants who are 16-19 years old as of August 2018.

Past participants have include International Math Olympiad gold medalists, web entrepreneurs, and student researchers. ESPR is the successor of the acclaimed EuroSPARC program, and is modeled after the SPARC summer camp.   

The curriculum includes a variety of topics, ranging from cognitive psychology, cryptography, and mathematical logic, to AI safety, salsa dancing, and philosophy of minds and machines. The goal of the program is to combine rigorous, quantitative skills with a toolbox of heuristics that students can apply to make their lives more efficient, rational, and happy.

The learning opportunities are extended with guest speakers from a variety of cutting-edge fields, such as the renowned theoretical scientist Scott Aaronson and the outstanding researcher in X-risk, Shahar Avin.

ESPR's tuition, room, and board are free for all admitted students due to a generous grant from the Open Philanthropy Project. Need-based travel scholarships are also available.

Key facts

What? A summer program

Who is eligible as participant? Students between 16-19 years old.

When? 16th July to 29th July, Summer 2018

Where? TBA, somewhere in Europe (last year was in London).

Price? Free! Travel scholarships also available.