Timothy Chu

Timothy is a graduate from MIT in mathematics, and a current PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on theoretical computer science and theoretical neuroscience.

Timothy spent a year working on Google Search and has spent some time looking into the startup scene in foreign countries. He is a former alternate for the International Math Olympiad Team from the U.S., and has worked with IMO teams in the USA and Ghana.

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Luke Raskopf
Assistant Director/Instructor

Luke graduated from Duke University with a degree in Political Science and a love of learning. He has worked as an economic policy researcher in Durham, North Carolina, and a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Madrid, Spain. Luke recently joined the Center for Applied Rationality as an instructor, where he splits his time between exploring methods of introspection and running operations for events and workshops.


Mihaly Barasz 

Mihaly was a software engineer at Google and a former perfect scorer on the International Mathematical Olympiad. He holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics from Eotvos University, Hungary.

Mihaly is interested in functional languages, formal proof systems, and rock climbing. He aims to become a full-time AI alignment researcher.


Elizabeth Garret

Elizabeth is an aspiring dicentenarian, former unschooler, and the current chief of the largest house of Effective Altruists and Rationalists in the world. She’s worked as a preschool teacher in Spain, market researcher for a biotech startup, and coworking community manager. She developed an interdisciplinary degree at the University of Virginia on the subject of Human Sexuality. She currently works at the Center for Applied Rationality.


Jaime Sevilla

Jaime is a student of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He leads a college-level math educational initiative called Dedekind's Army. He has also run several workshops, conferences and activities related to Artificial Intelligence, math and rationality.

Jaime placed top 10 in the 2016 Iberoamerican College Math Olympiad and has also won several hackathons and programming contests.

Counselors / STAFF


Reka Tron

Reka is a ESPR 2017 alumnus from Hungary. She is studying Biological Sciences at Imperial College London, majoring in Genetics. She is interested in philosophy and psychology. She also loves photography, hiking, and music. She likes to engage in deep conversations with more and more people because she believes that to get to know the world you need to get to know the own worlds of as many people as possible.


Galit Anikeeva

Galit is an avid reader, traveller, and baker. Her background is mostly in math and physics. She looks forward to exploring and debating unified theories of minds, machines, and the universe. She is a SPARC 2017 alumnus.


Stag Lynn

Stag is a youth filled with enthusiasm for late-night conversations and a desire to map the human mind for practical purposes rather than deeper understanding. He is an ESPR 2016 alumnus and ESPR 2017 staff.


Nuño Sempere

Nuño Sempere is a Spanish maths student and a colorful character who doesn't mind hiding behind the third person. He is interested in concrete examples and holds tests and examinations in great contempt. He's an ESPR 2016 alumnus and 2017 staff, and would like to emphasize the part of rationality in which you win at things. When he's confused, he notices. He enjoys winning bets against people too confident in their beliefs.


Owen Shen

Owen is an ESPR 2016 alumnus and ESPR 2017 counselor. He studies computer science at UC San Diego. Much of the time, Owen muses about minds, magic, and meta-levels. He writes about rationality on mindlevelup.