senior Staff 2018 (PRELIMINARY)

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Jan Kulveit
Executive Director, Instructor

Jan is a Senior Research Scholar at Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University. His research is centered on studying boundedly rational agents and more generally on making AI aligned with humans, and is also interested in complex systems, networks and strategies to influence the long-term future. He holds a M.Sc. in Theoretical physics from Charles University in Prague. Jan enjoys mountaineering, drinking tea, and open spaces.


Mihaly Barasz 

Mihaly was a software engineer at Google and a former perfect scorer on the International Mathematical Olympiad. He holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics from Eotvos University, Hungary. Mihaly is interested in functional languages, formal proof systems, and rock climbing. He aims to become a full-time AI alignment researcher.


Damon Sasi

Damon Sasi is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida, where he works as a Youth and Family therapist by day and writes Pokemon rational fiction by night. He's a strong believer in both the power of stories as a catalyst for growth, and the power of rationality to improve therapeutic practices, and is working to combine all three in as many ways as possible.


Elizabeth Garret

Elizabeth is an aspiring dicentenarian, former unschooler, and the current chief of the largest house of Effective Altruists and Rationalists in the world. She’s worked as a preschool teacher in Spain, market researcher for a biotech startup, and coworking community manager. She developed an interdisciplinary degree at the University of Virginia on the subject of Human Sexuality. She currently works at the Center for Applied Rationality.

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Matus Kurian

Matus teaches Physics and leads STEM department at a private boarding school LEAF academy. Previously he did a PhD in theoretical physics at Charles University in Prague, switched to education, and taught English and Theory of Knowledge at Jur Hronec school in Bratislava. Matúš enjoys academic debating, thinking, trekking and running marathons. He holds a brown belt in judo, and has also recently developed love for HEMA fencing.

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Aaron Lin

Aaron Lin received a B.S. in math from MIT and recently started as a software engineer at Google. He enjoys asking questions about traffic, cell growth, neural networks, and currency exchanges, believing that most complex systems can be elegantly quantified with simple models. In his free time, he is often playing Go (Weiqi), stumped on difficult puzzle games, and looking for new books to read.

Aleš Flídr

Aleš has an A.B. in Economics from Harvard University. At college, he helped grow Harvard Effective Altruism as the club's co-president. Most recentlye, he worked as a research assistant and science writer at Google DeepMind. Prior to that, he interned and contracted with the Centre for Effective Altruism and did research in AI strategy with Eric Drexler. Aleš is a CFAR mentor and he's training up to become an instructor.


Graeme Semple
Head of Operations

After completing a degree in recreation management, Graeme spent his early career working in outdoor education. He has worked for a British research and publishing company, and for a French internet company. He has also founded a successful London-based property refurbishment company, and co-founded an award-winning outdoor events business.


Kristina Nemcova
Head of Operations

Kristina works as a Community Director in the Czech Effective Altruism Association and takes care of day-to-day operations. Previously she studied radiological technology.

Anna Gajdova

Anna is pure mathematics student currently studying AI in a group of Tomáš Mikolov. She is curious learner, and in her free time often helps with running rationality events in Europe. Anna is a bookworm and enjoys spending time with her dog.



Yan Zhang
Senior Advisor, Instructor

Yan Zhang, director of our sister camp SPARC, is an assistant professor in mathematics at San Jose State University after receiving his PhD from MIT. He wants to help people become more human and awesome. He has mentored students at the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (where he represented the U.S. at the International Mathematics Olympiad with a silver medal), RSI, and MIT-PRIMES. He received the Undergraduate Math Association’s Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award for his postdoctoral position at UC Berkeley.

Junior STAFF


Stag Lynn
Senior Counselor

Stag is a youth filled with enthusiasm for late-night conversations and a desire to map the human mind for practical purposes rather than deeper understanding. He is an ESPR 2016 alumnus and ESPR 2017 and 2018 staff.


Nuño Sempere
Junior Counselor

Nuño Sempere is a Spanish maths student and a colorful character who doesn't mind hiding behind the third person. He is interested in concrete examples and holds tests and examinations in great contempt. He's an ESPR 2016 alumnus and 2017-2018 staff, and would like to emphasize the part of rationality in which you win at things. When he's confused, he notices. He enjoys winning bets against people too confident in their beliefs.

Joanne Peng
Junior Counselor



Alex Gajevski
Junior Counselor

Alex is a math and computer science student at Columbia University. He likes thinking about how the brain works, and about how to use technology to make it work better. He’s done some machine learning in the past, but thinks human learning is even cooler. Alex attended SPARC 2018, and organizes Hack Lodge, a week-long computer science camp for college students.


Quratulain Zainab
Junior Counselor

Q is a 17 year old from Dubai who enjoys programming, problem solving and deep conversations. She also likes being around cool people and people watching is one of her favourite pastimes :)